Sunday, June 8, 2008


Since I added the map that shows all the different places that people are reading our blog...I'm very curious to know who you are! I am the first to admit I find myself in rare idle time start reading a friends blog and end up reading the blog of their best friend's is very intruiging to relate to other people (especially other Moms), I have found.

SO, please let me know who you are in a comment- I may not know you at all...but it would be cool just to know who is keeping up with us!

Finally...May in a Minute

I can not believe May has already come and gone...

We had tons of fun celebrating a lot of birthdays...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday dear Monk, Karen, Granny, Wilson, Elizabeth, Louise, Carrie, Stan...and me.

Happy Birthday toooooooo you!

My sweet, sweet husband got big brownie points by not only surprising me the morning of my birthday with beautiful flowers and a gift I've wanted a very long time...he REALLY surprised me that night with a surprise party at our house after a wonderful dinner. I had NO all. Trust me, if I had known 15 people would be there that night, I may have actually cleaned!! We had a great time and it really meant so much to me.

We also had a blast spending the week in Palm Beach in preperation of Cindy and Jose's wedding...and then, WOW, what a wedding! I was so busy (as Matron of Honor, of course :-), I didn't do a good job, at all, of taking many pictures- but our very talented cousin, Cris Mahy (Grapevine Design Studio) did:

So, with all of that said, here is a snipit of our May:

A very sleepy family after a night in Palm Beach

Hill's new "favorite, FAVORITE" (as he says) thing to do..this is the stream that runs under Ross Bridge ( He loves getting in and throwing rocks.

Okay, my friends and family that know me well- should we be worried that Hill may have inherited a little of my OCD tendencies. This is how he lines up "his people" everytime he takes a bath- and it is not fun for him to "knock them down", we've tried that...not a good move.

One of my favorite times of day- morning playtime.

This is what Hill calls the "Hug Bug" and he is the sweetest bug I know!

Hill still loves to swim...LOVES to swim.

Ya'll, this is one of the most fun, and funny, things we've ever done- a drive through safari. It was near West Palm Beach- probably the only time in our lives we will have to wait for a giraffe to cross the road before we do (another truck actually had to come make him move), or that we have herd of zebras racing around our car.

Afternoon at the beach at The Breakers
Rett wasn't too sure about the sprinkler.

Fun in the sun wore him out

My sweet little sister (I do have a dress on, you just can't see it!)
Enjoying a great lunch by the pool at our house for the week.
Rett enjoying his lunch with a view

Thursday, June 5, 2008

To "WooWoo and Teti" (Cindy & Jose)

Thank you for our gifts ALL the way from Hawaii!