Friday, August 29, 2008

No cats were harmed in this expirment...

When they say "Dry Clean Only", especially when it is concerning a down pillow insert...I NOW know, they mean it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Babies...

With two big birthay's on the horizon, I'm grasping onto my "babies"...these are my favorite pictures this month. We would love any thoughts or shot in the dark guesses on who Rett looks like!?!?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!

Scott and I rarely look at Youtube, so I love when people screen out the best videos and put them on their blogs. The other night, we did find ourselves digging through all of the random funny kids and cat videos out there (that is, of course, after we strolled Jack) and these were the two that made us laugh hysterically.

This one, I love for obvious reasons. I see my two boys personalities mirrored almost exactly in these two and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their accents. I try to get Hill to watch "Charlie and Lola" on Disney, just hoping he would pick up on it...hasn't worked. If you are a fan of youtube, you've probably seen this, if not- enjoy!

And this video...well, just watch - but the man's son (the man in the middle) put this on youtube and said this is how he really laughs...all of the time (and, wouldn't you know, there is a man from Alabama on there...of course):

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Cat Days of Summer...

This is the stroller that Boody got for Hill's new Build a Bear Turtle, Freddy...BUT, Jack loves it. He climbs into it by himself and wants to be pushed around the house. I knew that La and Lauren N. would greatly appreciate this video- this is what Scott and I do after the boys go to bed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

If you haven't had the pleasure of a recent conversation with my sweet boy, you haven't experienced his true gift of talking....and talking...and talking. Today, I finally found an outlet for him to get some of this chatter out of his system...storeytelling...of course! I took this video (without him knowing, he already tries to act cool with the camera on, go figure) of him telling Scott and me a story at dinner with his Sesame Street felt board.

A couple of translations:
Tellie's Pogo Stick = "Kangaroo"
Our cat Fur walks by = Hill throws "Fur" into the mix of Sesame characters
Kermit the Frog somehow entered his mind in the mix of Sesame friends, as well
Prarie Dawn= "Cherry Dawn"

And then I TOTALLY ruined the ending by trying to change the scenery...sorry, I know you were all biting your nails in suspense. To be continued!

Luke's Website

Thank ya'll so much for keeping my friend's nephew, Luke, in your prayers. I talked to her a couple of days ago and she was on her way to spend about 10 days with him. In a weeks time (remember, he was swimming about 10 days ago when his Dad first noticed the slight problem)- he is now on a walker and almost in a wheelchair full time. Katie said the left side of his body is beginning to droop which is making it hard for him to talk. He is going to begin an experimental treatment next week at Johns Hopkins using arsenic, of all things. This has been used to treat leukemia, but is in the VERY early stages of trial in treating this kind of brain tumor. Katie said, if anything, it gives her family some sort of hope to hold on to and that is a Godsend! If it can't totally eradicate the tumor, it will hopefully prolong his life- I had no idea when I first posted about Luke, but Katie said without this potential treatment, with the tumor moving this fast, they only expected him to live a couple more months.

She set up a Caringbridge site for updates:

I've asked her to find out if there is something he may like getting in the mail (she had mentioned he liked Pokemon cards)- she is going to find out this week and I hope to start sending him some mail because what kid doesn't like getting fun stuff in the mailbox! If anybody wants to send him a silly card, or Pokemon cards, or whatever- let me know and I will get his address to you!