Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cold Days and Thursdays-

I officially have the worst case of Spring Fever I believe I've ever had in my whole entire life. It was easy to self diagnose myself with symptoms like staying in my pj's all day, reading friend's of friend's of friend's cousin's blogs, playing Jojo takes Diego to Disneyworld for an hour with Hill and his figurines, and putting Hill's new Spring shirt on him JUST to see bright colors.
I called a friend, Carrie (i.e."Lauren's Mommy"), this morning to see if Lauren and Clayton could come play to help entertain poor Hill...he is so bored with me. Appartently I don't play the best role of Diego...maybe it's the accent. Anyway, Lauren and Clayton came over and we all had a great time...we missed Wilson, he normally completes our neighborhood version of The Little Rascals. I think Hill may be Alphalpha.

Here is an old picture of them...with Scott...he fits right in. Rett normally is about the equivalent of Spot...just tags along with Catherine and Reeves, of course.

When Scott got home Hill wanted to immediately show him our ship we built this morning that took us to the jungle. You would all be very impressed with my imagination....I blame it all on the Spring Fever, though. The first thing he pointed out was the, just as he said it, "Pippo Thomas". Scott and I were baffled. Then Scott laughed and said, "oh, Hippo-pa-thomas". Hill is already hooked on his phonics.

Here are a couple of my new favorite pictures-

My sweet baby

My Bigger sweet Baby (sporting his "spring shirt")

all my boys (minus the cats- that would make a great picture, though!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Tewt!

(others may know her as Lauren)

IF I could be with you to celebrate your Birthday...
...we could go to Savannah and stay at the Gastonian and wake up to Gingerbread pancakes and brown sugar bacon. Go all the way to Jekyll Island, just to fall asleep on the carriage ride. Look forward to each and every one of our favorite restaurants. And this time I would go down, in my pj's, at midnight to get you that piece of chocolate cake. (Can you believe that's been 10 years ago!!)
...we could go to New Orleans and get a better room this time and eat chocolate covered oysters!
...we could go to Mobile and pick up your, always unique, cake RIGHT after some biscuits at Dick's!
...we could randomly drive to Anniston to stay at The Victoria and, as a very close second to your Mobile cakes, get a cookie cake at Winn Dixie and party it up with some Dr. Pepper!
...I would fly to see you in DC just to bring you an order of LaPaz chips and salsa...and cheeze dip...still warm and ready to eat as soon as you pick me up!
...or, the best, let's hop on a plane for Maine! We can go on another moose hunt- maybe we could find one that doesn't live in Martha Stewart's yard this time.

Happy Birthday- here's to holding at 29!!
We must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship let me be the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Monday, February 25, 2008

A weekend in the life of....

Dada...has gone from playing Pearl Jam to playing The Wiggles, but he has quiet the fanfare around the house.

Hill... showing his fine tuned agility that will benefit him greatly when he starts soccer...right now, though, he's practing in Mommy's shoes. Check out those legs!!

Rett...I have a feeling at the rate he is growing now, the time will come way too quickly, that we will pull out this picture to convince him he once fit under our kitchen counter.

Friday, February 22, 2008

How Old?

Scott: Hill, how old are you?
Hill: I two Dada
Scott: How old is Brother?
Hill: Two minutes!

Big Excitement-

Thank all of you for the prayers for my Dad. After three consecutive months in two hospitals (Gadsden and UAB), he finally returned home last night to his pal Oscar....oh, and Boody. He has a long road ahead of recovery and almost learning to walk again, so please continue to lift him up. I will hopefully start to get back to a normal routine...I apologize for many calls that were not returned...needless to say, with a newborn and Dad in the hospital, the last few months have been a little wild.

On a TOTALLY different note, excitement in Hill Land, as he informed me this morning- "Good job Wooson (best buddy Wilson)- go poopoo in the potty"!! He witnessed this a couple of days ago, but apparently it was just on his mind this morning.
Way to go Wilson!!
Potty Training is definitely Headline News in our group of friends. Any suggestions, "how to's", or surefire overnight solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Belated Valentines Day

This frame was a Christmas gift from Boody that I had been wanting for sometime, it's made by Sugarboo Designs

She let me choose the quote- Scott and I went back and forth on some we really loved, but we finally decided on this one. I love reading it daily and seeing my babies picture in it...and on some really emotional (i.e. "hormonal") days, it is just another reason to cry. Because I know I'm not the only one that can't see, this is what it says:
Remember when you go into the world
to keep your eyes and ears wide open.
And be kind. Love one another.
Take care of each other. Tell the truth.
Always do your best. Listen to the big people
and the little people. Explore new paths and have fun.
Know that you are loved like crazy.
Give thanks for all your blessings.
Above all else, Love and you will do wonderful
things in this world. ~Rebecca Po
She has some other amazing quotes and verses if you ever need any ideas...just have a tissue nearby!

We had a wonderful Valentines Day- it didn't take me long to eat the 8 chocolate covered strawberries my sweet husband got me. Is there anything better!?!? We have gotten a lot of smiles recently hearing Hill talk about his new Valentine, Lauren. Now, for all of you that remember Ella- she was his first love, but Lauren has exceeded it all. I do have to say, he has good taste- she is the cutest and sweetest 4 year old I know in his little world. Now that I have introduced all of you to this situation- I'm sure I will be posting the funny things he says.

The other day he saw a commercial for a princess Barbie or something, and he said the following:
Hill: Wook Varie, it's a princess...Wauren wikes princesses
Varie: Yes, I bet she does
Hill: Wauren is a Princess Mommy. (it interchanges between Varie and Mommy)
Mommy: Maybe we can get Lauren a princess for her birthday
Hill: No, Hill go to Chucka Cheese and win Wauren a princess now.
I thought it was so sweet that in his two year old world, that was how he could go "earn" Lauren something she really wanted. Now, at the rate of his ticket consumption at Chuck E. Cheese and the amount of tickets they charge for something larger than an inch might take until he's 10, but still very sweet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Panic!!

Yes, at first appearance, this does look like a tiny, bloody hand print. That is exactly what I thought it was when I saw it after Hill flew by me running into the bathroom to hurridly wash his hands.

It was a day like today that finally made me sit down and start a blog (yes, all my blogging friends, I too am giving in). I fully admit that I was really intimidated to start one because all my friends seem to be pro-bloggers. They have these beautiful pages with wonderful stories, yummy recipes, spiritual nourishment, and do a really good job of keeping them updated. I feel I have a high standard to live up to - PLEASE expect little and I hope that my posts will at least exceed your expectations.

In my devotional the other night, there was a quote from a Mom in reference to her family that said, "I want them to have the best of me, not what is left of me." Since reading that, I have tried my hardest to give the boys the best of me, not what is left of me after laundry, dishes, cleaning, taking care of Dad, etc. But, it seems as though the harder I try, the more the "best of me" is put to the test (mainly by a very talkative, and sometimes argumentative, two year old who now refers to me as "Varie", not "mommy" OR by my adorable 4 month old that refuses to be put down- who BOTH have an extreme case of Spring fever). I think about a conversation I had with Kathy about being careful to pray for patience, because as soon as you do you are seemingly put into many situations that try your patience level. Yea, no kidding. The above handprint was one of those moments. Thankfully, it wasn't was ketchup...and after tempting to clean it, it's still there.

Rett's shirt says it all. Does anybody still have that poem that I got in an email sometime last year about not getting upset about "fingerprints on the wall"? It went on to say some day you will look back at them with fondness and remember how little your children were. Hmmmm, if you have it, please resend it to me so it will give me a new outlook on this lovely handprint now decorating our merely 6 month old walls!?!?

Yup, days like today made me realize that there are a lot of moments in my world of living with 7 boys (although 4 are the cats, they are still male and act that way)that my friends would find funny. I know that a lot of times I search for "ketchup handprint on the wall" type stories to make my world feel a little more normal. I have 100% confidence I will make many of you feel a lot better!