Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Boy Haircut and First Steps

Rett is officially walking!!! This video captured one of his multiple strolls over the weekend- he is quiet proud of himself, as he should be. Someday, I know he will ask, so: "Yes Rett, you did walk before your big brother did"...Rett at 11 months and Hill at 12 months and 1 day.

Hill is also VERY excited about his big boy hair cut- he said it looks like Diego's...yes, kind of. It was pretty sad today that I was more emotional over Hill's haircut (eventhough it was probably his 10th one) than I was Rett's 1st haircut. Hill has NEVER had his hair this short. Scott asked me in his very sweet "husband that has let me dress them and have their hair how I wanted it for three years" way...if I would just cut it short to see how it looks. I have to admit, his pretty blue eyes stand out...but all of that beautiful hair was on the floor.

Stay with the video-there are a couple of walking segments!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Weeks Injury

We really can NOT have an uneventful, illness/injury free week. THIS is what happens when you're running bare footed on the road at full speed down a hill.
Good news- teeth are okay!

Other good news, GREAT news-it has been one week at 10:00 tonight that Rett has been symptom free.

Some Things Never Change

I still remember going to the fair as a child, although Mom says we never went to a "real fair", anything that halfway resembles one is a fair to a kid (EVEN if it was set up in the Gregerson's Parking lot...Sally will remember this!) I remember being so excited for winning like 10 goldfish, and all of the lights, and the "hugeness" of it all.
We braved the Alabama State Fair this weekend, ONLY because it has now moved from the old fairgrounds, thank goodness, to Pelham. The Bennetts met us there, which just added to the humor of it all...Wilson gets on a ride to convince Hill to ride it too, Hill gets on with Wilson, right as ride is set to begin, on cue! Wilson decides he wants off...this happened a couple of times. Can't say I blame Wilson.
We also noticed Scott and Jeremy checking their cash right about the same time wondering if they gave us some, or if they dropped it somewhere...yes, it was dropped- in the fair cash account. It is still very easy to spend a lot of money very quickly...on what!?!? Big smiles and memories that last a lifetime.
Enjoy the pictures-

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Argh...Happy Birthday Me Hearty!

I have been absolutely amazed by the changes that Hill has made in the last 6 months, granted that does not include being potty trained, BUT he has turned from my little toddling buddy into a 100% all-boy kiddo. Scott reminds me hourly how much he is like me, and all I can usually respond with is a grin because I can't muster up an argument...he's right. I suppose being an only child is in a lot of ways like being the first born. Here are some of Hill's strong qualities, some of my friends may notice a pattern in the gene pool:

- He LOVES his "wubbies"! It started with "Raff" (giraffe) and sucking his right thumb, but now he has many multiple blankets and pillows he snuggles with. The child loves his bed and sleep time...he does not want anybody else in the bed with him when he's ready to sleep...including the cats. But, he does have (just a guess) approximately 15-20 stuffed animals in the bed with him.

- He is the most strong willed child- he does NOT give up when he wants something and insists that he does everything himself.

- He never forgets anything, he digs up memories we are shocked he remembers- he will also start looking for "something" (toy, etc)that we haven't seen in months, and months. That's were the OCD kicks in- he has to know where everything is at all times and things can not be out of place.

- He has a wonderful imagination, but sometimes it takes him too far and he is afraid of the funniest things. He is terrified of Japanese restaurants- if we even drive near one he says, "We're not going to see boy with the egg, are we???" (aluding to the show they put on). He was nervous with anticipation one night when Scott told him they were getting pizza delivered- he kept asking "He not come to our house?!?!" So, Scott gave the delivery man a name..."John". When Hill knew he had a name and he was bringing pizza, all was great with the world. He know thinks "John" brings us everything.

- I love that anytime he touches anything he thinks is soft, that thumb goes directly in his mouth and he makes the sweetest pacified sounds.

- He LOVES his little brother...he truly does. He is very protective of him and makes sure that everyone always speaks to, as he refers to him, "my son, Rett Hoowen".

- Our favorite words/phrases that he says- "sure", "that be alright", "perfect", "pippo-thomas" (hippopotums), "banfire" (vanpire), "Chicken Nuts" (chipmunks).

- The child still worships The Wiggles and is still quiet the performer.

- He has a truly, sweet heart and spirit and makes us laugh constantly- he is a true joy in our lives.

Here are some pictures from his Pirate Party at Wald Park. Theme totally chosen by him- he did ask quiet often, "Pirate not come to my party!?!?". We did have the ice cream truck come by which was a big hit!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Father, he is your child

Rett was baptized last Sunday, September 14. At Briarwood, they have a wonderful tradition that the father bestow a blessing upon the child in front of the congregation. This was Scott's blessing for Rett:

"Everett Scott Hughen, I thank God this morning for you, for His everlasting love, and for all of the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon our family. You belong to God, and through today's baptism, he places the sign of the new covenenant upon you. I pray first and foremost that you find a personal relationship with the Lord early and that you never remember a time when He is not Lord of your life. I pray that our family will use His word to create a nourishing and spiritual environment where we all can grow in our faith. And Rett, I also pray for God to energize me as spiritual head of our household, to set a Godly example in all that I do, to keep our family praying together, worshiping together, and ministering the word of God. I Peter 3:21 says "Baptism now saves you- not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience- through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."
Rett, I pray that you will always turn to God in all that you do, that you recognize and repent for your sins and that through your faith and the grace of God, you receive the gift of eternal life for the glory of God."

This was such a special moment for our family, as it was the day we baptized Hill...little did I know, though, how those words spoken by my sweet husband would ring in my ears on Tuesday night as we drove our motionless baby to the hospital.

For those of you that haven't heard, after a long night at Children's Hospital and a LONG two days, Rett was diagnosed with intussusception (when we were driving him to the hospital we called an ambulance to meet us b/c he became almost lifeless). I can distinctly remember having a conversation in my mind with God saying "I know he is yours, we acknowledged that in front of the church, Lord- but PLEASE let us have more time with him." I knew in my heart that he has a Father that loves him more than I do and can do WAY more than I can for him at a moment like that, or any moment in his life. Having said that, I was still scared to death b/c I physically couldn't do anything to help him. That's where I now thank God for my wonderful husband who found the patience and understanding at the moment we were waiting on the ambulance to quote scripture to me about fear...this is his child, too- he also felt helpless and scared...but he was comforting me!?!?

(Rett with Pastor Harry Reeder)

Thank you Lord for time with your child, Rett, for his health, and for my wonderful, Godly husband.

**Hill 3rd Birthday Post coming next- lots of cute pictures of my big boy**

Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayer for the Nation

Two years ago, this week, for Hill's first birthday- my Dad gave him a Disney Cars TV and something he won't appreciate quiet as much (he LOVES that thing) as that cool TV until he's older.

It is a small book that Dad said he carried with him always when serving in Vietnam and on the ships for months at a time. It's the "Song and Service Book for Ship and Field- Army & Navy". It was published in 1942. My Dad's birthday, of all days, is this Thursday- September 11th (just two days shy of Hill's). His absence will be heavy on my heart, but so will the tragedy of what happened on that day just a few years ago.

Last night, I picked up that Song & Service book reading some of the scriptures imagining my Dad thumbing through it grasping onto words of hope and courage from His saviour during the war and out in the middle of the ocean. This prayer was in the front of the book and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I read it.

It says Written at Newburg, June 8, 1783 by George Washington and was sent to the governors of all of the states.

Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in thy holy protection, that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government, and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for the fellow citizens of the United States at large.
And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without an humble imitation of whose example in these things, we can NEVER HOPE TO BE A HAPPY NATION.
Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, throu Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sadly, this prayer reminded me of how drastically our country's values have changed since 1783. I pray that God lay his hand on the forth coming elections and that we keep our focus on the "Divine Author" that had his hand on our country, our world, from day one.

Thank you Dad for serving our country- I will always be so proud of you.