Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have been humbled, to my knees, by a few fellow bloggers today.

A mother who only held her precious baby girl for a few hours before she "danced" in Heaven.

A young wife and mother who lost her husband in a tragic car accident just a week ago...she is pregnant with their second baby, but had not told anyone, yet.

And finally, a blog I have followed for a long time, through her whole pregnancy- many of you have seen it linked on my blog. Kelly had her baby yesterday, but baby Harper had extreme pneumonia and many complications. She was air lifted to Oklahoma (Kelly is in Arkansas). Her husband and his parents went to be with the baby and Kelly was left, without her baby and her husband in despair but lifting God up and giving him glory for His plan.

Read over these fellow bloggers. Pray over them and their families, as I have.

I have also seen God's hand in the life of Luke...the nephew of a best friend I told you about in one of my first entries.

I find myself, today, doing something I should do daily, hourly...constantly. But sometimes, in between the errands, and school, and tasks and exhaustion...I forget. And then I have a day like today and I am humbled. I thank you God for my wonderful husband and every single day I have with him. I fell in love with him as a friend, but I fall in love with him all over when I see him as a father and as my husband, he is still my best friend. I thank you for my two healthy children...oh, God- thank you for my babies...thank you for allowing me to be their "mommy".

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Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

AMEN, sista! I am following all of these blogs, too, and I am soooo thankful for my blessings. Love ya!