Monday, December 22, 2008

All Aboard...

Okay, I know I totally skipped over our Disney trip...that may be attributed to the fact that half of our pictures were totally out of focus. My poor, sweet husband had to listen to me complain about each and every one of them. So, the sweet, sweet thing that he is surprised me with a new camera for Christmas. THANK goodness he gave it to me before our fun filled week so that he wouldn't have to hear me complain about all of those pictures.

I got the new Nikon D90, so if anybody has any tips or recommended manuals, PLEASE let me know. Now, if I have blurry pictures it is totally user error.

With that said, I will get back to Disney after Christmas photos-but, in the meantime, TIS THE SEASON! We had the most fun last night on The Polar Express. Granny, Lori, Dane, James, Will and The Bennett family were all on the same train car with us which made it SO much fun.

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laurenbusbee said...

I love the Ugg boots and pirate bath robe. Priceless:)